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Chimney Removals

One of the most common internal alterations carried out is to remove a projecting chimney breast at ground floor to create more floor space.


Quite often the chimney is also removed at first-floor level being supported in the loft. Building Regulations apply to this work because it is a ‘material alteration’ to the structure ensuring the remaining part of the stack is properly supported, therefore Building Control approval it will be required.

If the entire chimney is removed it is essential to take professional advice to determine the structural implications. Planning permission may also be needed for its removal.

32 Haldan Road-2.jpg
32 Haldan Road.jpg

With the large variety of chimneys available it is no doubt that their removal could be straightforward or become a big challenge from a structural point of view. Whatever the reason for the chimney removal, we can provide a suitable structural solution that complies with Building Regs (e.g. steel beam or gallow brackets). Please note that for most of these works, we will require a site visit in order to correctly identify the loadbearing elements and to propose a suitable structural solution based on the existing layout and condition of the materials.

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